Decentralized Object Storage Service

Decentralized Object Storage Service (DeOSS) is a decentralized object-based mass storage service that provides low-cost, secure, and scalable distributed data storage services for web3.

Both enterprises and individuals can use DeOSS to store, manage and protect data, such as NFT images and videos, DAPP (Decentralized Application) user data, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) programs, etc. Based on blockchain technology, DeOSS effectively utilizes online idle storage resources to build a vast distributed storage network.

The mission of DeOSS is to give the data ownership and benefits right back to the data producers, rather than centralized platforms.

DeOSS follows the Apache 2.0 open-source protocol and allows one to deploy it at any time, any place, and to use it to freely access files stored distributedly around the world.

Who can use DeOSS

DApp, NFT, and Web3 developers, SocialFi developers, and users with large-scale data storage requirements.

What can DeOSS store

DeOSS can store high-definition pictures, audio, video, and backup files in websites and applications, as well as files of various DApp applications and network disk applications.

How do you use DeOSS

If you are not a developer, you can experience DeOSS through DeShare Web App. If you are a developer, you can experience it by using an HTTP request to DeOSS.

Technology Highlights

DeOSS not only has the advantages of existing market products on object storage (such as high reliability, easy extensibility, low cost, high security, etc.), but also possesses the features such as anti-censorship, data ownership belonging to its user, and so on. Currently, the object storage services of web2, such as the OSS (Operation Support Systems) of AWS and Alibaba Cloud, are centralized storage. That means their service sacrifice user’s data to be in the custody of a third party, and there is a risk of data being regulated and monopolized. By contrast, based on CESS blockchain technology, the data uploaded through DeOSS enjoys decentralized storage, and the data ownership is secured to the user. Through DeOSS, users can authorize certain applications to use the data, while keeping these applications from controlling the data.

About CESS Network

CESS is a decentralized cloud storage network for online data storage and real-time sharing. It is committed to provide a decentralized full-stack solution for highly dynamic Web3 data storage. CESS supports user data valueization and the free flow (sharing) of data value. At the same time, by using the trustless method to protect data privacy and let users control their data ownership, it builds a safe, inclusive, friendly, prosperous, and sustainable new data ecosystem.

For more information about CESS, please refer to the CESS Project

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