If you need to access the CESS chain, conduct transactions, upload and download files, etc., you can install Go SDK first. This article provides multiple installation methods for Go SDK.

Installation Environment

  • Environmental requirements

Use Golang 1.20 and above.

Please refer to golang installation to download and install the Go compilation and running environment. After Go is installed, please create a new system variable GOPATH and point it to your code directory. To learn more about GOPATH, execute the command go help gopath.

  • View go language version

Execute the command go version to view the Go language version.

Download Go SDK

Install Go SDK

  • go mod way

Add the following dependencies in the go.mod file. The following takes version 0.4.0 as an example. Other versions need to be replaced with corresponding version numbers.

require ( v0.4.0
  • source code method

go get

Verify SDK

Run the following code to view the Go SDK version:

package main

import (
  cess ""

func main() {
  fmt.Println("CESS Go SDK Version: ", cess.Version)

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