Step 2: Upload an Object

This chapter describes how to upload objects and the related precautions.

Control permissions

The object information is readable and downloadable by everyone, but only the object owner can delete it.

Access region

After slicing, the files will be randomly stored in storage servers around the world through scheduling nodes. Thus when accessing data, the data will also come from different regions.


Uploading objects will deduct a certain amount of gas fee from the gateway account.

File name

DeOSS uses the file hash (fid) as the global unique identifier, not the file name.


Relevance of storage containers:

When the storage container is deleted, the objects in the storage container will also be deleted.

Upload objects

Currently, we use the gateway to request DeOSS service. Please refer to PutObject for uploading objects.

Next step

To access or download your object, see Step 3: Download Object.

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