👥User Roles

There are five type of user roles involved in the CESS ecosystem that keep the CESS network stable, secure, vibrant, and sustainable. A user can (and usually) be in more than one role. They are:

  1. Community Members: They participate in CESS events, stay informed about CESS news, and join CESS Discord channel to engage with other community members. A key involvement lies in holding the CESS tokens and participating in CESS DAO proposal voting, and thus contributing to the project governance.

    👉 Community Members

  2. Users: They use the dApps built on top of CESS. For instance, they stores their personal data on DeOSS to avoid relying on any single centralized storage provier.

    👉 Users

  3. Developers: They use CESS SDKs and APIs to build dApps on top of CESS. For instance, they want to issue new set of NFTs and decide to put their NFT assets on CESS.

    👉 Developers

  4. Storage Miners: They run storage nodes in CESS network to provide storage space for users.

    👉 Storage Miners

  5. Consensus Miners: They run the CESS blockchain nodes to secure the network and participate in the blockchain consensus process.

    👉 Consensus Miners

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