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CESS Account

CESS account holds the user’s assets in CESS Network. Please keep the account mnemonic seeds and backup files private and secure. Users may lose the assets in the account forever if this information is compromised.
The following illustrate two ways to create a CESS account.

Method 1: Create an Account Using CESS Blockchain Explorer

  • Navigate to CESS Explorer.
  • Click Settings, under in-browser account creation, choose Allow local in-browser account storage.
    CESS Explorer settings
  • Click Accounts under the drop-down menu and then click Add account to create a new account.
    CESS Explorer adding account
  • Keep the twelve words mnemonic phrase secure and safe. Then proceed to the next step.
    CESS Explorer showing mnemonic
  • Create an account nickname and password, click Next, and then click Save to save the account raw seed.
    CESS Explorer entering password
  • Congratulations! You have successfully created a CESS account.
    CESS Explorer account created

Method 2: Create an Account Using Polkadot.js Wallet

  • Download Polkadot.js extension to your browser. Currently the extension supports both Chrome or Firefox.
    Download Polkadot.js extension
  • Click the Extension icon on the browser. The Accounts window pops up. Click the + icon in the upper right corner and click Create New Account to create a new wallet account.
    Create account window popups
  • Give a descriptive name and input the password. Then click Add the account with the generated seed button. Congratulations! Your CESS account has been created successfully.
    Create a CESS account
  • You can view the account in CESS Explorer.
    View account in CESS Explorer